• 1) Go to the Link Account section and login with ONLY your roblox username (We will never ask you for your password or other account related information, we only need your username!)
  • 2) Once your account is linked, go to Earn
  • 3) Choose an offerwall, at the moment we have: Adgate(apps&surveys), Offertoro(apps&surveys), Theoremreach(surveys), Pollfish(surveys), Adgem(apps&surveys) and Offerdaddy(apps&surveys)
  • 4) Once you have chosen an offerwall and have clicked on it, a tab will open with the offers available for you, the list of offers will display the offer instructions and the robux reward if you complete it, I recommend doing app installs first if you have an android or iOS device, as surveys are hard to complete.
  • 5) Choose an offer from the list that you got on step 5 and follow the instructions carefully to complete the offer, once done, the robux will be on your rbxly account!
  • 6) Once you have robux on your rbxly balance, go to Withdraw and follow the steps to withdraw you robux through group funds to your roblox linked account!
  • - Bonus: Join our discord server to participate in daily giveaways and get support or answers to your questions!
  • - Refer: You can also invite friends to rbxly and by doing so earn 10% out of the total they earn through offers, I recommend creating youtube videos showing rbxly and how to earn robux on it, then leave your referral link in the description or as a pinned comment. Referrals
  • If you are doing app installs: Make sure to read the instructions carefully, sometimes you just have to install the app and run it once, while sometimes you have to install and then play through it to a certain level or other goal to receive the reward.
  • If you are doing surveys: Read the questions carefully, don't rush through them and answer questions with honesty, sometimes you'll get disqualified early meaning you weren't a good fit for the survey or you were rushing through it, when this happens you only get paid 1 robux or nothing.
  • How much can you earn on rbxly? Well, one of our users has made 3000 in less than a week!

Other ways to earn robux

There are many roblox players that are willing to pay you if you can create unique content for them, this includes things such as images or videos for their social network profiles.

Another method is trading in games such as adopt me, where you can trade pets with other players. A lot of players often start adoptme trades through twitter using the hashtag #adoptmetrade so if you play adoptme you can profit that way, there are also many other games through which you can do this sort of thing.

Creating roblox games

When you develop a roblox game you have the option to monetize your game in several different ways, that is the reason you see so many games with a store where you can purchase things with robux such as skins, gamepasses, weapons abilities and more, this makes it possible for you to hire other developers, art designers or anyone that you need to make your game grow.

How to be successful at creating your game

You need to make sure that your game is fun and interesting enough for people to want to spend on it, and you also need to pay special attention into what you intend to sell to them. You need to make sure players will continue to buy things in the future, you have to see your game as a long term opportunity to earn robux, otherwise, players may regret what they bought and not buy anything else from you, and they also may discourage their friends from buying anything in your game.

Creating the general idea

When starting to write down ideas of what your game could be about, sit down, and think through every single one of the ideas more than a few times, compare them to existing games and to how popular they are, otherwise you may end up creating something people simply will not want to play.

Does your game really need in game currency?

The best way for your game to be profitable is to add a currency system where players get currency by completing tasks, you can make it possible for players to exchange robux for currency.

If you intent to do this please ask yourself the following question: "Does my game have enough items to require a currency system?", if your game is, for example, an rpg where you have different armors, weapons and shields of different levels, then it makes sense to create an economy and a currency system, if your game does not really require players to use items, or upgrade their items in any way, implementing a currency system may not be the best idea.

Fees on item sales

A very important aspect of the game to keep in mind is that every single robux that goes into a group gets taxed at 30% of the total amount, that means, if you sell a shirt worth 1000, the person who buys it from your group pays 1000 robux, your group, however, will only receive 70%, which means, in this case, you'll receive 700 robux.

Pending times on item sales

Another key aspect to keep in mind when exploring this area of the game is that besides getting taxed into every sale you make, you will also have to wait 72 hours for the funds to be usable inside your group, this means that if someone purchased an item from your game or group, the money will be pending for the next 3 days, and only after that time passes will it be available and will it be possible for you to use or manage the robux that you earned, this, as well as the above points are very important when you intent to get robux as you may need them as soon as possible in order to cover your own expenses.

Ways to get robux

Creating a roblox game is very hard, as at that point you would have spent thousands upon thousands of hours to get there, many roblox players don't have time to spend learning how to code a roblox game, or don't have the budget to invest into all the of the expenses required in order to have a successful game from the start.

If you are one of those players then you may be interested in becoming one of the thousands of users that are using rbxly to earn robux free, in fact, by using our platform you can get robux without actually doing anything at all, as you can just enter our contests and giveaways.


At the moment there are two types of contests to get free robux on rbxly, one is our youtube contest, which requires you to upload a video to youtube, and in said video you have to show our platform and explain how users can use our platform.

We also have what we call a "social contest", which is simpler, to participate you just need to create a post on either twitter or pinterest and link our website in said post as well as mention that users can get free robux through our platform, there can be up to 10 winners on this contest, you can find and enter both of these contest in the menu on the left side of the screen.


We also have several giveaways.

Our most popular one is our discord giveaway, to enter, you have to go to the giveaway channel and react to the giveaway bot, winners will be automatically selected. If this does not make sense to you, please join our discord server and check out the instructions.

Our second most popular is our half-hourly giveaway, you can find it on the menu on the left side of the screen if you have already linked your roblox username. Participants can enter the giveaway by completing a captcha, and winners are automatically chosen every hour, a new giveaway automatically starts after the previous one ends, 48 giveaways every single day!

If you are interested in learning more, please start exploring our website and also join our discord server.