Earning robuxHow to earn robux on rbxly

Disclaimer: rbxly.com is a rewards website where users complete tasks to earn points, these points can be used to redeem games virtual currency (we send you this currency through normal means in which players can trade currency between themselves), the currency in this case is robux which we pay through purchasing a vip server from you, WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH OR ENDORSED BY ROBLOX IN ANY WAY.

Earning robux in rbxly is simple, you either fill surveys, complete offers that require you to play mobile games, participate in contests, or join our discord so that you can redeem the promo codes we release from time to time.

  1. Go to the Link Account section and login with ONLY your roblox username (We will never ask you for your password or other account related information, we only need your username!)
  2. Once your account is linked, go to Earn
  3. Choose an offerwall, at the moment we have: Adgate(apps&surveys), Offertoro(apps&surveys), Theoremreach(surveys), Pollfish(surveys), Adgem(apps&surveys) and Offerdaddy(apps&surveys)
  4. Once you have chosen an offerwall and have clicked on it, a tab will open with the offers available for you, the list of offers will display the offer instructions and the robux reward if you complete it, I recommend doing app installs first if you have an android or iOS device, as surveys are hard to complete.
  5. Choose an offer from the list that you got on step 5 and follow the instructions carefully to complete the offer, once done, the robux will be on your rbxly account!
  6. Once you have robux on your rbxly balance, go to Once your account is linked, go to Withdraw and follow the steps to withdraw you robux through group funds to your roblox linked account!
  • Bonus: Join our discord server to participate in daily giveaways and get support or answers to your questions!
  • Refer: You can also invite friends to rbxly and by doing so earn 10% out of the total they earn through offers, I recommend creating youtube videos showing rbxly and how to earn robux on it, then leave your referral link in the description or as a pinned comment. Referrals

If you are doing app installs: Make sure to read the instructions carefully, sometimes you just have to install the app and run it once, while sometimes you have to install and then play through it to a certain level or other goal to receive the reward.

If you are doing surveys: Read the questions carefully, don't rush through them and answer questions with honesty, sometimes you'll get disqualified early meaning you weren't a good fit for the survey or you were rushing through it, when this happens you only get paid 1 robux or nothing.

How much can you earn on rbxly? Well, many of our users made 3000 in less than a week!