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Frequently asked questions

What is rbxly?
RBXLY partners with several monetization networks to bring you the possibility of getting rewarded for your opinion, these monetization networks get hired by researchers of many types, such as universities, news organizations, and more, they pay the monetization networks for them to find people to fill surveys that they need answers for. These monetization networks then partner with us so that we provide traffic to get them answers to these questions.
Does rbxly offer anything other than surveys?
RBXLY offers both surveys and app based offers, our monetization partners also offer a wide range of game based applications that you can play through in order to earn free robux, the goal for these is usually to reach a certain milestone within the game the offer is based on, such as a certain level, stat, or something else, make sure to read through the offer description so you know for sure what you need to complete.
How does rbxly get the robux?
We now purchase the robux directly from roblox.com, we also cover the withdrawal fee for you so that you receive exactly what you are withdrawing, if you don't know what the withdrawal fee is, make sure to read up on the entire process that goes through when a roblox item sale happens on the roblox marketplace, such as the market place fee, market place pending time, vip servers, gamepasses, etc...
Can I get robux without filling surveys or doing offers
Yes, we have an hourly giveaway which you can join, the only requirement is filling a captcha in order to prevent spammers, it is also built to choose winners who haven't won in the previous rounds, so unless there are a ton of new people joining the giveaway, you'll always have a chance at winning in the first few rounds you participate in. We also have a discord community in which we frequently run all types of giveaways and contests.

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